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Medicaid & Nursing Home Financing

New Orleans Medicaid Planning Lawyer

Recent changes made in Congress have altered the Medicaid rules for long-term care (nursing homes). If you or a family member face the prospect of admission to a nursing home in the future, you should call   Brown Weimer LLC. He can assist with planning for the payment of the nursing home and may even be able to protect a large portion of your assets if you act fast .Our family and elder law firm is dedicated to helping clients understand their options in planning for long-term care. We have an extensive understanding of the Medicaid laws and how they may affect payment for nursing homes.

The Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid

  • Medicare is an insurance program providing payment for medical needs for persons 65 and over and for certain disabled persons. All persons 65 and over, regardless of financial resources or income, are eligible for Medicare. However, Medicare provides only limited coverage in the case of an illness, excluding prescription medications and long-term care in nursing homes or adult care facilities.
  • Medicaid, on the other hand, pays for all medical needs for those of any age who have been determined to be eligible. In fact, a person with limited income and resources who has Medicare coverage may also qualify for Medicaid benefits.

Through financial planning and assistance from an elder law attorney that understands the Medicaid laws, it is possible for you to qualify for Medicaid benefits that will cover your potential stay in a nursing home or care center. You may even be able to preserve some or all of the nursing home resident's assets. A nursing home admission may be extremely costly. By qualifying for Medicaid, the cost burden to you or a family member for expensive nursing home care may be taken eased.

Contact a Medicaid planning lawyer at Brown Weimer LLC today. We can assist you in planning for the expenses of long-term care as well as planning for the protection of resources for the rest of the family. An initial consultation is available to clients throughout New Orleans, Metairie, and the surrounding areas.


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