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New Orleans Estate and Succession Planning Attorneys

Trustworthy Estate and Succession Planning Services in New Orleans

There is far more to estate planning than deciding how your property should be distributed when you are gone. You can act now to guard your own future and provide for your own later-in-life needs.

Our attorneys take a comprehensive approach to estate planning, making sure to include planning for incapacity. We use documents like powers of attorney to help you prepare for anything life brings. At the same time, we understand the importance of succession. You have worked hard in your life and want to ensure that your loved ones can receive your estate.


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Cases & Services We Offer

Successions, Estates, and Probate

We are skilled in creating comprehensive estate plans that make successions easy. Probate can be complicated, but our lawyers can often simplify the process. Whether you are working with a small succession or a large and complex estate, our attorneys can help at any stage from planning to probate.

We strive to make successions and estate planning look easy while tackling complex issues. If you are in the planning process, we can offer you a carefully designed will that can help your beneficiaries get through the successions process with ease. For those in the administration phase, we can guide you through probate. In some cases, we are able to help distribute estate property quickly through a simplified process like succession without administration.

Our attorneys are well-prepared for any issues that may arise. From will contests to removing an administrator, we can offer skilled representation. We are here for any legal need you have related to successions.


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Uncontested Successions and Succession Without Administration

In some cases when working with small successions, a simplified legal procedure may be available. We may be able to use an affidavit setting out what property the estate owns and where the will directs it to go rather than going through the formal process of probate. If this option is available, we can help you take advantage of it so that you can save time, money, and stress.

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Each of our attorneys is experienced in their field. We are deeply committed to helping people plan for their later years and estate.

Probate of Will

Probate is an often dreaded process, but we take it on confidently. If your loved one left a will, our goal is to carry out the terms faithfully and according to the proper legal procedure. Our attorneys will take the reigns and guide you through probate with as little stress as possible. We are ready to take on any issues that arise during the process. You can relax knowing that your loved one's estate is in good hands.

Estate Litigation

Successions do not always go as planned. If the need for litigation arises, we are ready to fight for you. Will contests may occur if there is doubt as to the validity of the document, the testator's mental state at the time of execution, or other issues. An administrator may need to be removed if they will not faithfully fulfill their duties. Our attorneys are experienced at handling estate litigation skillfully.

Proactive, Personal, Hands-On Legal Representation

We are in this field of law because we care about your future needs as you age. Estate planning and incapacity planning protect you and your loved ones alike. We guard more than estate property when we make your plans.

Nursing Home Financing

The fact is that many of us will need nursing home care in the future. This care can be expensive. We can help you plan for these potential expenses using a number of strategies.

Elder Law

Elder law is about protecting our senior citizens. Some aging adults will need interdiction to keep them safe and allow for the proper management of their financial affairs. We also help with Medicaid planning and strategy to help meet the needs of aging adults.

Mental Health Law

Mental health law is a still-emerging field, designed to offer protection to those suffering from mental illnesses and substance abuse. If someone in your life is experiencing these issues and needs protection, we may be able to help you keep them safe.

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  • The lawyers at Brown Weimer Law Firm were professional and competent...

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