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COVID-19 Challenges to Successions

If you have lost a loved one to COVID-19, please accept our sincere condolences. We understand this is an incredibly challenging time. You may have been told or know that a succession proceeding needs to be filed for your deceased loved one. Our law firm can assist you with handling your loved one's estate. Successions, which are the bodies of laws and procedures for the settling of an estate in Louisiana, can be mystifying and stressful. The sometimes complex succession process is further complicated by the virus, social distancing, and the closure of businesses and the courts. But our law firm can lead the way for you. We offer immediate help. Just contact us by phone or email. Also, our website provides a lot of information on this website to explaining the succession process to you

Doing Business During COVID-19

We are can handle most succession business by telephone and email. We can also do conference calls and video conferences involving multiple persons. If you need documents signed or notarized, we can do it electronically or even come to your home, nursing home, or hospital in extreme cases. Our consultations are free.

Having Your Questions Answered

Whether you need to have a will prepared and executed or a power of attorney or health care directive, or if you have questions about what to do about a loved one's estate who has passed from COVID 19, you can count on Brown Weimer LLC to provide you accurate and timely answers. We can conduct business by phone consultations, email, and videoconferencing. 

This is a challenging time for everyone. We understand you are under a great deal of stress and strain, and we are here to help address your legal questions regardless of the chaos we find ourselves living in. If you need help with any legal matters including drawing up an emergency last will and testament, drawing up health care directives, or you simply need help to understand what steps you have to take to deal with the estate following the loss of a loved one, contact Brown Weimer LLC today at (504) 561-8700 and let us help.


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