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Interdiction, Commitments & Guardianship

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It is never easy to see an elderly loved one or disabled adult child reach a point when they are unable to make reasoned decisions for themselves. Families are often hesitant to institute a guardianship, believing it will reduce the freedom enjoyed by their fragile loved one. The time may come when you have to make these hard decisions for your loved ones. You can be assured your loved one's well-being is protected, allowing them to continue to live a life of dignity.At the New Orleans, Louisiana, law office of   Brown Weimer LLC, we work with families who wish to put a guardianship or interdiction in place in place to protect their incapacitated loved ones. With more than 25 years of experience, our   attorneys  can help you draft legal documents that meet your objectives.

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Interdiction in Louisiana

Interdiction is a term used, in the state of Louisiana to refer to a combination of a guardianship and conservatorship. Interdiction is appropriate for individuals deemed, by the court unable to handle their own personal and financial matters. During an interdiction proceeding, the court appoints a curator (guardian) and an under-curator to handle the financial and health affairs of the incapacitated person.

In many cases a family member or trusted friend is appointed as the curator in an interdiction. It becomes his or her responsibility to oversee healthcare decisions, living arrangements and financial matters for the person in need of a guardian.

Our firm can also assist in replacing curators and under-curators when they are unable or unwilling to properly represent the interests of the interdict.

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