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Experienced Lawyers Helping Resolve Matters of Paternity

Matters of paternity can quickly grow into contentious disputes between Potential parents. It is easy to get caught up in “he said, she said” arguments that lose sight of the main concern at hand – establishing the paternity of a child.

At the New Orleans, Louisiana, law office of Brown Weimer LLC, we help our clients put aside their relationship issues and focus on the well-being of the child caught in the middle of it all. Our family law attorneys represent both men and women with concerns over the paternity of a child.

With more than 25 years of experience working with paternity cases, our lawyers recognize the sensitivity of these cases, understanding the complexities that paternity of children can present. Let us help you resolve your concerns and keep your life moving forward. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation.

Paternity Actions for Mothers

Our paternity lawyers can help parties determine the true biological relationship between parties. This can include aiding you in securing DNA testing. After determining the proper paternity of children, we can assist you in modifying or changing the child's birth certificate.

After a man has been legally determined the father of your child, we can assist you in seeking child support payments and establishing child custody and visitation arrangements.

Paternity Representation for Fathers

We can also assist fathers to judicially determine their biological relationship to children. If you feel you are the biological father of a child but have not been a part of the child's life, we can assist you in determining your relationship with the child and seeking custody, visitation or parenting time with your child.

Conversely, if you find yourself named in a paternity action but do not believe you are the child's biological father, we can help you protect your rights. Our attorneys can assist you in setting up DNA testing to prove you are not a child's father and assist you in avoiding paying child support for a child which is not yours.

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Whether you are a mother seeking to legitimize paternity and establish child support or a possible father seeking to either verify or refute fatherhood, securing help from an experienced lawyer may aid in reaching a more rapid resolution. Contact Brown Weimer LLC, by calling (504) 561-8700.


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