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Experienced Attorneys Guiding Louisiana Clients Through Dissolution of Marriage

No one enters a marriage with the idea that it will one day end in divorce. Circumstances change. People grow apart. Divorce becomes an option that the parties may have to consider. Making certain you have experienced legal representation on your side throughout the divorce process is important. Not only will your interests and those of your children be protected, but the right attorney can help to put a solid plan in place for your future. Allow us to educate you in the areas of divorce.

At the law office of Brown Weimer LLC, in New Orleans, Louisiana, our divorce lawyers and staff work to aid you in understanding Louisiana divorce law. We will be by your side every step of the way, from completing initial divorce forms to helping you achieve your outcome goals in the divorce judgment.

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Divorce in Louisiana

In Louisiana, grounds for divorce include adultery, conviction of a felony and spouses living separate and apart for a specified amount of time. If your marriage involves any of these factors, you may be eligible to pursue dissolution of marriage.

Our firm provides clients with personalized, skilled, and experienced representation for all civilian and military divorce matters, including:

While a majority of the divorce cases we handle are contested, meaning the divorcing couple does not agree on key issues, we also represent those who are able to complete a non-contested divorce. In these cases, the divorce process can be completed much more quickly, without the necessity for a trial and at less expense to the parties.

The process of divorce is often complex. For immediate answers to some of your questions or for more information about ending a marriage, visit our Divorce Information Center and Divorce FAQ section.

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