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Child Support

New Orleans Child Support Lawyer

Whether you are seeking an award of child support or you dispute payment, the professional staff at the office of   Brown Weimer LLC  can assist you in understanding your rights. We provide comprehensive child support representation to clients who have support issues within the context of a divorce or between parents that have never been married.The concept of child support is premised on the principle that children should not be financially prejudiced by their parents' divorce. Fathers and mothers, by the act of marriage, contract together the obligation of supporting, maintaining, and education their children. Biological paternity or maternity obliges each parent to support children as well.When the parent paying child support can no longer give the support, or when the child receiving it is no longer in need of it, an action may be commenced so that, if granted, the support requirement will be discharged or its amount reduced. Once child support has been set by a court order, there must be a material change in circumstances in either party's financial position or in the children's needs to modify the award.

Louisiana has established presumptive Guidelines to be used in any child support proceeding. The Guidelines were enacted to address two problems: inconsistency in support awards and inadequate awards. These guidelines have been in place since 1989 and are well recognized by the Louisiana courts. The Guidelines are essentially a mathematical formula that calculates the amount of child support. The amount of support determined by the Guidelines is presumed to be in the best interest of the child. Although the formula is not difficult to calculate, there are complex rules on what constitutes income for purposes of child support calculation. Our firm knows the child support rules in and out. We make sure our clients receive that proper amount of child support or ensure they pay only their appropriate amount.

We also help clients to bring enforcement and/or modification actions when support payments either are not being made or the amount is inappropriate. Contact a child support attorney at our office today. Our staff at Brown Weimer LLC offers initial consultations. During this time, you can meet personally with an attorney to discuss your case. Call us toll free today at (504) 561-8700 to have a free child support calculation made.


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