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Do you dispute the validity of a will left by a loved one? For example, does the will appear to be in a proper form? Is the signature on the will that of your loved one? Was the will executed at a time of mental or physical infirmity? Was the writer of the will influenced by a family member, care provider or opportunistic friend to execute a will that wasn't their real intention? If this has happened to you or your family, it is critical you seek legal advice as soon as possible to learn and understand your rights.

Has a succession been filed and you feel left out of the process? Has the executor or administrator of the estate or succession acted improperly? For example, if the executor has not shared information, taking too long to complete the estate, or mismanaging the estate? If so, contact our office immediately. You have legal remedies that our attorneys will to protect your rights.

At Brown Weimer LLC, our firm has more than 25 years of legal experience and can help you with all types of will and estate matters, including contested wills and estates.

Act Promptly if You Suspect a Problem With a Will or Estate,

If you are concerned about a will you should be aware that there are very specific time limits for contesting a will or estate. You should act quickly in order to preserve as much your inheritance as possible and prevent others from taking control of property that may be rightfully yours.

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