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Louisiana Child Custody Dispute Lawyers

Legal issues that affect your family can cause unnecessary anxiety and stress. Our firm strives to help clients solve their family law problems as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Formerly known as Law Office of Gary S. Brown, LLC, the Brown Weimer LLC, law firm provides comprehensive family law representation to clients across the metropolitan New Orleans area and beyond. Our Louisiana child custody dispute attorneys pride ourselves on being reliable advocates and counselors you can trust with your family's personal legal problems.

Family Law: Contact Experienced New Orleans Military Divorce Attorneys

With more than 25 years of experience, the family law, divorce and child custody attorneys at our firm are prepared to help you resolve all family-related legal issues, including:

  • Divorce: Whether you are looking for a quick and easy divorce for $499, or your case involves more complex issues such as child custody, community property partition, or support (child and spousal), our experienced attorneys can help.
  • Support collections: If you have a judgment of support, but are not being paid, our attorneys can aggressively pursue the support payments owed to you.
  • Paternity: Do you have a question about whether you are the father of a child? Perhaps you have been ordered to support a child that is not yours. Does your child have a father listed on his or her birth certificate that is not the true father? Does your child have no father listed on the birth certificate, but you know who the father is? Our attorneys can provide you with the skilled representation you need in paternity matters.
  • Stepparent/Intrafamily adoption : In the case where a family member or step parent has been taking care of a child that is not theirs, the law provides for a quick adoption process. Contact our attorneys to help you navigate through this issue.
  • Tutorship: Often parents need court authority to act on behalf of their children. Whether your case involves settlement of lawsuits, transfer of property, or guardianship, our attorneys are skilled to assist you.
  • Interdiction, commitments and guardianships

Elder Law: Jefferson Parish Long-Term Care Law Firm Provides Comprehensive Support

The elder law attorneys at Brown Weimer LLC, work with senior citizens and their family members to plan for their incapacity and death. We also assist family members to provide for the long term care and protection of assets relating to:

Louisiana Successions and Estates: Orleans Parish Law Firm Handles All Probate, Estate, Will and Succession Matters

The firm provides comprehensive probate and estate administration and services as part of our elder law practice. It is important to note that clients of any age can benefit from having a detailed estate plan. No matter your age, we encourage you to contact our firm if you have questions or concerns regarding:

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