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A Last Will and Testament is probably the most important legal document you should have. It will ensure that your wishes are followed regarding the distribution of your assets upon your death. If you have not prepared a last will and testament, you may be considering using a form that you found online or a software package that seems to simplify the process. Before you do, or if you have an older will, you should consider speaking to our experienced estate planning attorneys. Many of the software packages currently available do not comply with current Louisiana law. If your will is not in proper form or contains provisions that are no longer allowed by law, you will be in the same situation as if you had died without a will. Without a will, the distribution of your estate may not express your wishes. Your property could even end up owned by the state of Louisiana.

At the Brown Weimer LLC, our attorneys have over 25 years of experience helping individuals and families plan for the distribution of assets upon death. We take a team approach when working with you to prepare a last will and testament, utilizing the skills of all our lawyers to best protect your interests. The clients we have represented over the years know that we care deeply about their well-being and will work hard to help them achieve their goals. Contact our office via e-mail or call us at 504-322-1234 for a helpful initial consultation.

Our Wills Practice

We handle all matters related to the preparation and execution of a Last Will and Testament. When you hire us to help you with your succession planning, we will take the time to carefully review your financial situation and learn as much as we can about your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets following your death. We will then prepare a written document, known as a notarial will, expressly identifying who will receive specific items of property. The will should also appoint a trusted person, known as an executor, to administer your estate and ensure the proper distribution of your assets to your legatees (the persons named in your will to receive a bequest). The will can also designate who will care for minor children and can establish a trust for the benefit of a minor child or other heir. After preparation of the will, we will ensure that all formalities are met so that the will is legally enforceable.

We offer our clients periodic consultations to determine if their will continues to express their wishes.

Though Louisiana courts may enforce an holographic will (one written, dated and signed entirely in the hand of the person creating the will), we don't recommend this approach. This type of will frequently causes problems during the probate process, as errors often appear and it can be difficult to determine the intent of the deceased or the genuineness of the writing or signature. It is also more difficult to probate this type of will. An holographic will is frequently not in proper form or contains improper bequests which can cause the will to be invalid and your estate to be distributed in a way you did not intend.

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