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Tutorship is the term used in Louisiana to describe what is known in other states as guardianship or conservatorship. A minor, by law, does not have the legal authority to manage his or her financial affairs. For example, a minor may be the recipient of a personal injury settlement or may inherit property in a will. Both of these actions may require that an adult be appointed to receive and manage money or property on behalf of the minor.

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Tutorships may be necessary when biological parents pass away or divorce. The child's personal and financial needs must be met by a court appointed adult, called a tutor. Tutorship may also be needed in order to bring a lawsuit on behalf of a child or settle an existing lawsuit.

A tutorship may also be appropriate in cases where a developmentally disabled person will soon become a legal adult. This is called a continuing tutorship, which is faster and more desirable than an interdiction. Contact our attorneys today to discuss how a continuing tutorship may be appropriate for your developmentally disabled child.

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